Newly renovated entrance at Searles Building is accommodating to all who visit


Newly renovated entrance at Searles Building is accommodating to all who visit
August 11, 2021

I’ve been a staunch advocate for an accessible community for now over 37 years. I’ve been aggressive to help make sure Methuen uphold its responsibility in doing so. Yes I’ve been critical about the lack of attention this city gives to making sure that all services and programs are accessible to those who live in or visiting our great city. I’ve come at all different angles to help participate in the city’s decisions regarding accessibility with little appreciation. Mind you, this Mayor like others prefer to deflect the issues and make matters personal but I refuse to cave into the political consequences of speaking out and I will continue to fight on.

However I feel that I not only have a responsiblity to speak out when the city fails but I hope I give enough credit where its due when the city creates reasonable accomodations when implementing new services and programs.

So I would like to thank Mayor Perry and his staff for the great job they did in creating the “satellite” station in the lower level of the Searles Building. The new office was probably designed for Covid reasons but no matter what that reason was creating a service should always include designs that should be accessible and provide reasonable accomodations for those with disabilities.

This new office location is just above the “tunnel” from the Main entrance. Citizens may pay bills, ask questions, request documents and so much more without having to go through the building. The main entrance door was in dire need of replacement being heavy and rotting. The city also replaced the old push button door opening with a touch-less one.

Other Mayors have attempted to create a service as this but it was made temporary. Five out of five stars Mr. Mayor. A job well done.

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