It all started with a conversation with a group of people who said "why can't we easily find local events on the internet?"

As a web developer myself and someone who participates frequently with groups in the area I too have asked the same question.  Too often I find events happening without any knowledge they were planned.

So we took the initiative to create a place online where Methuen organizations and businesses can participate to promote their events in a REAL community calendar.  We've built this platform from the ground up and we're planning some nifty features that will help promote events throughout the area.

We know that Facebook allows organizations and even businesses to post their events but are they really touching a vast audience?  We have to say no.  Just as one's posts on Facebook your events never reach those to who one is attempting to reach.  Facebook has had many limitations in the past and there direction is not the concern of one's post but by the advertising they are now forcing upon Facebook members.

With, yes we do offer advertising to help introduce or remind our visitors that area businesses are ready to do business with them and without their help would make this impossible to achieve. But our comprehensive list of community events and our goal to accommodate and encourage every Methuen organization and business to participate will make the #1 go to site for community events. The more organizations and businesses who contribute the more comprehensive of a community calendar we all can create.

So please join us by participating with and help us make this the best community calendar for our community.

Thank You!

Sid Harris

Web-developer and creator of



Any Methuen based organization may post events for free using our online event form.  Only one prerequisite.... your event must be held in Methuen.

Please CLICK here to add an event.

If organizations  would like their own page calendar here  (like cityhall) on please complete the form and request more information about our organization calendar feature.  We'll contact you with complete details.

Own a business here in Methuen and offer events to the public?  Then you are at the right place to have them added to community calendar.  We offer a number of plans for Methuen businesses to participate, from adding just one event or your complete entertainment calendar we can mold any program to your needs.

To add just one event you can do so by going here.  A $10 fee for each event posted is required.

Self managed solution: We'll provide you access to our calendar administration area where you can create  and manage your company's event.  All you need is an internet connection, an account and you are ready to go.  We'll even provide you with a script you can add to your website that will showcase your upcoming events.

Managed Solution:  we offer a managed solution where you provide us with your calendar and we'll add them to our calendar.  You also have the option to receive a script you add to your website to showcase your upcoming events.

If you re interested please feel free to give us a call and we'll discuss the options we can provide to your company to help promote y9iour special events to the community.

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Advertising can be quite expensive especially in print medias.  But not here on Any one of our banner advertising opportunities cost less for a whole year than a one-day paper ad.

Advertising area:  At the top of every page you will find a large banner.  These banners rotate with our advertisers throughout the site.  Catch the eye of of visitor with immediate recognition of your company. 

Whether you advertise looking for new customers or want to remind them your advertisement announces to our audience that you are ready to do business with them. each banner will be redirected when clicked to an advertisers website giving the consumers the opportunity to learn about your services.