Bill Bryant

West District Councilor


Public Statement

Hello, My name is Bill Bryant and I am running for West City Council. I moved to the City of Methuen 25 years ago to start my family and professional career in education.  As my career in education flourished as a school administrator, so did my involvement with the City of Methuen. I have had the privilege of meeting many great people in Methuen during the last two and a half decades.

As a coach of multiple youth sports teams, I learned I needed to join and participate on boards, like the Methuen Youth Commission, to ensure my opinions are heard.

Over the past 5 years, my involvement and passion started to take on a different look. Instead of coaching and working directly with kids, I joined a small group of Methuen residents to create the Methuen Athletic Improvement Committee, which works behind the scenes to improve the city of Methuen.

The MAIC began the conversation about fixing the dilapidated Nicholson Stadium and clubhouse facilities. This small group of city residents turned into a large-scale community cry for action. We rallied hundreds of residents, attended multiple city council meetings, wrote letters, made phone calls and ultimately we succeeded!  The city rebuilt the stadium and built a new clubhouse and now  residents who watch the sports teams play or the MHS band  perform view these facilities with pride.

Additionally, the MAIC purchased a new sound system for the Stadium and assisted with the purchase of the lower turf field scoreboard.  The process of working with the city government during the stadium project opened my eyes to the positive role the city plays during community advocacy.

However, I was also able to witness firsthand the political side that is reluctant to change.  During these conversations, it appeared the hardened politicians want to stop progress and improvement in our great City of Methuen. I decided at this point, I was going to advocate loudly and clearly for the youth of the city as well as improving the city in every way possible.

As my involvement with the city grew, so did my connections with many citizens across Methuen.  I listened to residents' concerns and joined with them to bring the concerns to the mayor, city council, school committee and any other city departments who would listen and could  help facilitate positive change.

My latest involvement with public service was on the Methuen Charter Review Committee, I believe, this was the most important work I have done. The City tasked the Methuen Charter Review Committee with looking at our current city charter and suggesting improvements to language and updates to areas that did not comply with current laws.  We also made suggestions based on input from citizens the Charter Commission Members received through a survey we created. My involvement with the Charter Review Committee was a major catalyst for my campaign,  to have a larger role within the City of Methuen.

If elected, I will use the skills I learned as a school administrator to collaborate with the mayor and the rest of the city council. Together, we will work to resolve ambiguities in contracts to ensure consistency and fairness for all city workers. Worker efficiency leads to the most value for you,  the taxpayers.

Additionally, I commit to giving a voice to every Methuen resident.  The City Council exists for the benefit of the residents. I will not let political groups or personal interests come before the wants of the people.

Finally, I will work to create a concrete plan to bring more businesses to Methuen and improve the overall infrastructure of the city.

It is with great pride and love for the city of Methuen I am humbly asking for your vote for  Methuen West City Council.

I have the fullest support of my wife Pam,  sons Steven (MHS Class of 2012) and Connor (MHS Class of 2020)  and daughter Julia Bryant (MHS Class of 2022).

Thank you again for your time and I hope to have your vote on the September 17th Primary

Vote Bill Bryant in the 3rd spot on the ballot.



Note: Ad paid for by the Committee to Elect Bill Bryant