Neil Perry

Committee to Elect Neil Perry

PO Box 305 Methuen, MA 01844 US

(978) 258-0887

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I believe in a future that replaces personal political agendas and negativity with mutual respect and sound decision-making. A future that replaces conflicts of interest with objectivity and fact-based debate. A future based on our sense of community, where we prioritize safe and secure neighborhoods, responsible economic development, and investment in great schools.

It’s because of my love for our city that I am heartbroken by the mess we find ourselves in. We have great people and the potential for amazing schools and services; but mismanagement and disregard have left our city struggling and many of our neighbors angry. In just the past two years we’ve seen:

· A budget so poorly planned and managed leaving no options but a $4 million state bailout - a debt we’ll be paying for many years.

· A public safety contract that no one understood leaving us with legal and financial uncertainty and negative headlines across America.

· Political insiders making deals that benefit friends and family at the expense of the community.

· And, a Mayor who consistently skips meetings, absent during the most pressing discussions about the future of our schools, key city services, and our financial future.