Stephen Angelo Jr.

Councilor At-Large


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Message from Stephen Angelo Jr.

I am a proud Methuen resident for the past 33 years and I am seeking a seat on the City Council because I believe that Methuen needs new leaders to step up and put our City and the future of the community first. This is why I chose to buy my home here, as I believe that I can be part of the positive change needed as we move towards a better Methuen for all.

This is my first experience with running for public office as I have never seen myself as a politician or been interested in being the spotlight. I have always been a solution-based problem solver who prefers to achieve accomplishments behind the scenes, rather than draw the attention to myself and my own convictions. I made the decision to run for a seat on the Council because I believe the City, now more than ever, needs selfless individuals who put the best interest of Methuen before anything else. Methuen deserves to have councilors who are looking out for them and their tax dollars, not personal interests or future political ambitions.

In the past couple years, there has been obvious turmoil and animosity throughout council meetings and public forums. I believe that this disconnect and hostility continues to hold Methuen back from achieving our greatest potential. As a candidate, I promise to come to the council table with an honest, fair position on matters with the intention of working collaboratively towards a common goal, to move Methuen forward.

I love the City of Methuen. I always have been proud to call it my hometown and have been blessed to be involved with many great organizations and groups throughout the years who continue to do terrific things for our community. As a city, we need to empower our community groups and civil servants with the appropriate resources and capabilities to provide the amenities expected and needed for our city.

Moving forward, I would like to see a focus towards the enhancements in our city infrastructure and untapped revenue sources to ensure proper funding for our schools, public safety and city departments. By having a cohesive city council with a vision for the future, rather than concentrating on past practices, I believe Methuen can recognize its best fiscal capacity through proper policy and transparency. Having leaders who genuinely care and are willing to make the changes needed for the future success of our city is vital at this tumultuous time.

I hope to be a part of a better Methuen. A Methuen who has leaders who work together for the common good and represent our community with integrity, honesty and dedication. Whether as a council member or as a neighbor, I promise to do what is right for my city and I hope to earn your trust and support as we approach this important election in November.